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Craig Olley 17 Aug 2007
Randy, just a quick note to say thank you for making our purchase of our Volvo XC90 as simple as possible. You and your staff made buying a premium automobile an unforgettable experience, from the time we stepped onto your lot which was full of newer type premium auto's until we left after our purch...asing our vehicle, I never have been made to feel so comfortable. I have recommended your service to everyone I know who's looking for a premium vehicle, I tell them "do your homework"; know what you want and find out what the vehicle is worth and be prepared to save thousands thru Autoway. I appreciate your fixed pricing and am truly surprised at the price you can sell a vehicle for. You've made buying a vehicle a pleasurable experience. I will definitely use your service again. Show more
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Susan Thomas 23 May 2007
My life is busy. Between work, children, animals and the busy lives we lead, buying a new car at a dealership or with some private vendor is near the top on the "Most Hated" list of things to do. In the past, I have found that as a woman I am treated very much as a second class citizen at most deale...rships, with the sales people trying to show me something "pretty" about the car, while most assuredly not addressing the bald facts about cost of a vehicle, markup, trade-in, although quite happy to hound me with phone calls regardless of whether I showed interest or not. At Autoway, I told Randy and Rob what I was looking for. They quite frankly just told me how their profit margin works, no mumbo jumbo, just a simple explanation. Their set-up is no frills (which is great because I know that the purchaser is the one who pays for the shiny showrooms). They made it clear that if I had a specific vehicle in mind they would find it for me. I gave them a budget, they set to work, and with diligence got the vehicle I wanted. As important as the purchase of the vehicle is, perhaps more important was the flavour or feeling I had throughout and post conclusion of my transaction with Randy and Rob at Autoway. I felt that they were actually concerned that I was a satisfied customer, I was treated as an equal regardless of sex, I was never harassed but was sent update information by e-mail as to whether a certain vehicle suited my needs. I will go back to them should I need another vehicle in future. Show more
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Robert Matthews 26 Oct 2007
I've spent quite a bit of time over the past few weeks searching U.S. sites such as Yahoo/Autotrader in search of the ultimate deal on a new top line Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ. I recently travelled to the Seattle area to look at dealers first hand. I certainly liked what I saw in terms of price. However, ...the details involved in bringing a car into Canada seemed overwhelming, and more time-consuming than my limited schedule would allow. I was also somewhat concerned about getting a clear title vehicle and didn't want to worry about unknowns immediately and in the future. Another issue was the unwillingness of virtually all of the U.S. dealers I contacted to sell to a Canadian. So I decided to enlist the help of a Vancouver-based company that was already involved in the business of importing U.S. cars into Canada. I called Randy Shier of Autoway in Vancouver at 5pm Sunday from my motel in Seattle and we struck a deal. He would source the exact model and specifications of the vehicle I wanted - possibly even the same one I test drove at a dealer; he would arrange to acquire the car through his U.S. dealer department; bring the car through the border; arrange all the documentation and inspections etc and have it ready for me at his Vancouver location for an agreed-upon price. This price included Randy's fee. And that's exactly what happened, and within a week to boot! My total price in Canada after paying everything before gst/pst was less than the window sticker on the vehicle on the lot in Seattle and some $18,000 less than the window sticker on a comparable vehicle in Vancouver. And by dealing with a Canadian dealer and a U.S dealer I'm protected from many of the issues that could come up in a private transaction. I also arranged to trade in my 1999 Yukon through Randy for what I felt was a fair price and saved the 13% gst/pst on that trade amount. This amount saved was pretty darn close to the fee charged by Autoway, essentially making their services near free! The gst/pst saving is not something you could do privately either. The whole package just seems unbeatable. I recommend Autoway completely. Save yourself the trip down -- the traffic and the hassle are horrendous! Give Autoway a call and let them do the legwork for you. Show more
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Chris M 18 Aug 2017
I had a great experience at this shop. Staff were very honest and they communicated my options thoroughly. Car was ready to go faster than I expected. This will be my go-to shop from now on.
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Brad Engelland 11 Aug 2007
Dear Sir’s This letter is to thank you for providing a simple approach to buying a quality vehicle. I am very happy with the 2002 Nissan Pathfinder I purchased from you and additionally found your staff very helpful when I chose to have a hitch installed. The set cost at a very competitive price... was straightforward, easy to comprehend and made the transaction clear. Additionally by knowing precisely what I was getting greatly simplified price comparisons. Your envelope of services made the pick up of the truck a snap with insurance, plates and delivery all completed at your premises. Just thought I would let you know, thanks Show more
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Jonathan Bourget 30 Jul 2017
Fantastic experience dealing with John. Great professional service. Highly recommend.
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Ken Ashley 25 Oct 2007
Dear Randy, it’s been one month since I purchased the 2004 Volvo XC70 from you, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the courteous and professional service I received from Steve Yehle and the rest of the Autoway staff. I have bought numerous cars over the years, and I have never enjoyed the process, due to the constant games played by dealers using the “I’ll have to check with the manager” game. It was a real pleasure to find out that there is actually an honest automobile dealer out there with near wholesale sticker prices, and you do not have to worry about buying a lemon. The car was spotless, just serviced, and my neighbours still think it is brand new! I will certainly recommend Autoway to my friends and colleagues who are looking for quality, late model vehicles. Show more
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Jeff McDonnell, Kamloops, BC 08 Nov 2007
Randy, Rob and Steve; I wanted to send you a note to say thank you and to tell you what a positive experience it was for me to buy my 2005 Tahoe from Autoway. I found your company one day while searching the web for a new vehicle for our family. At first I thought, okay another business advertisin...g their used vehicles on the web. As we live in Kamloops BC the thought of dealing with a company in North Vancouver on the purchase of a new vehicle didn’t strike me as the best avenue to go down. However, after browsing through the Autoway site I thought, what have I got to lose by calling and seeing what it’s all about.By this time in my search I was certain on the vehicle type, options and the price I was willing to pay. My first call was answered by Robbie who took the time to explain how the process worked, the pricing structure and how they would be able to source out a vehicle if I chose to deal with Autoway. After that call I went back to the “Used Car Factory” on the website and put in my request. Within a couple of days Randy called to confirm my submission and to see when I would be ready to make a purchase. I told Randy I was ready today and so the search was on. About 3 weeks later, Robbie called to say that Randy was down in Arizona and had found a Tahoe that fit my budget and options wish list. After the call, he emailed pictures and faxed the GM vehicle build sheet so I could see exactly what they had found. There was some apprehension on my part at first when I thought of bringing a vehicle in from the US. Robbie and Steve were quick to answer all my questions and assured me that this would be painless for me. From that point on all I had to do was sit back and relax while Randy Robbie and Steve worked with their network to bring the vehicle through the border ensuring all the inspections and proper paperwork were complete to give me a worry free transaction. Once the vehicle was in North Vancouver, I arranged a time to come and view it and ensure it was what I wanted. With Autoway’s high standards for top quality, lightly used vehicles I was not disappointed. I’m positive that Randy, Robbie and Steve helped me find much more vehicle for my money than I ever could have. Thanks again for making this a stress free and most importantly, enjoyable experience. I’m glad I made the call. I have and will continue to recommended Autoway to anyone I know who is looking for a premium used vehicle. Show more
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Shane Mooney 11 Jan 2008
Dear Steve, In regards to the purchase of my 2007 Lexus RX 350 I would like to thank you for your honesty and integrity. Upon bringing this vehicle back to Alberta, an out of province inspection is required by an authorized facility. The mechanical inspection time was 2 hours plus a road test. Th...ere was not a single item that needed any attention and the mechanic did comment on how the condition of the vehicle was like new. In two telephone conversations before I saw the vehicle, you and Randy determined it was a 10 out of 10. The vehicle inside and out is exactly how you described it. In fact, it still has the new car smell. As a small business owner it was gratifying to spend my money in Canada while buying at US pricing. Compared to similar Canadian sold vehicles I saved about $14000. My only regret is the countless hours on the internet searching for this vehicle before I found your website. I would highly recommend Autoway for any vehicle purchase. Show more
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Brad Williams 30 Apr 2008
Robbie and the crew, I just thought I would take the time to drop you guys a line letting you know how great an experience we had with you guys. Immediately upon talking with Robbie on the phone I was impressed with his detail and honesty in answering the questions I had about the car. I didn't feel... at all nervous about flying from Fort McMurray, Alberta to Vancouver(1800km) to view the car and drive it back. The car was just as described and in better condition than I could have imagined. I've been told "showroom condition" before, but this 2004 Cadillac CTS looked like it just came off the assembly line. Absolutely mint. I just put the car through a rigorous out of province inspection and it passed with flying colours. The mechanic said the car was absolutely beautiful, and asked about where we bought it. I'm telling everyone I know from here that its absolutely worth the trip, even all the way from here, to see you guys. Everything on your lot was in excellent condition. I must say, Randy sure knows how to pick 'em. Thanks everyone, our experience couldn't have gotten any better, including the restaurant we were recommended to while staying the night in the city. Show more
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